• Manohar, Manager, MNC, Bangalore:

    “Treatment here is Excellent & Reasonable price. The important noticeable part about this clinic is sterilisation, friendly atmosphere and the ambience inside the clinic is very neat & tidy. I got RCT done to my mom and Tooth whitening for my wife, the results were very good & appreciable. To say Overall experience was very much satisfactory.

    I would definitely recommend the clinic to all my friends & relatives”

  • Rudresh, Corporate employee, Bangalore:

    “If you are looking for any good dentist, Dr Lavanya is one among them. She has soothing hands on patients and professional skills. I visited to this clinic when I was suffering with severe tooth pain along with swelling of my face. She advised for RCT and also explained about the procedure in detail. I got RCT done here. Here I have experienced clean state-of-art dentistry.

    Dr Lavanya’s relationship based services has exceeded my expectations. She continues to keep her focus on our needs and she has been a true blessing for me. Thank you Dr Lavanya”

  • Naveen, Senoir HR, Bangalore:

    “I would like to say this clinic as best because of its infrastructure, cleanliness and at most the techniques/instruments. She creates friendly atmosphere, keen on our problems, analyses better and suggest the best available. I got a crown for my teeth done here. The major part comes to cost, which I felt here it is reasonable with non-compromising GOOD quality. I would surely suggest this clinic to my friends”

  • Neelam, Homemaker Bangalore:

    “Excellent. My past experience of RCT was very painful and I was always scared to get RCT. I consulted Dr Lavanya and got RCT done here. The complete 3 RCT procedures were painless and I got the bridge too done here. Thank you Dr Lavanya”

  • Honnamma, Homemaker, Bangalore:

    “I had bad tooth pain and I consulted Dr Lavanya and was suggested for extraction. I was initially scared of procedure, but the calmness and friendly atmosphere boosted my confidence and I underwent four teeth extractions. The whole procedure was painless. I thank Dr Lavanya”

  • Tarun, Bussinessman, Bangalore:

    “My daughter had fear about dental procedures. Earlier I had tried enough to get her fillings done but went vain as my daughter completely refused to get fillings done. I bought my daughter here and Dr Lavanya’s friendly approach and briefing about procedures motivated my daughter and she got her cleaning and five fillings done here. I would like to suggest this clinic to my friends.”

  • Mamatha, Homemaker, Bangalore:

    “I had got done bridges earlier and had problems in chewing food, had pain and crowns were discoloured. I had lost hopes. My husband suggested to consult Dr Lavanya. I consulted her and I got complete makeover, now I’m able chew food without any pain and the new crowns are just the best. Thank you Dr Lavanya”

  • Priya, Homemaker, Bangalore:

    “I had got crown done for my front teeth. I was never confident while smiling because I always had hindrance showing off discolored teeth. I visited this clinic and was suggested for cosmetic makeover. I underwent treatment as suggested by doctor and now I’m confident & bold enough to smile as my teeth now are whiter & brighter.”

  • Ganesh, Employee, Bangalore:

    “My Wedding was approaching and hardly 2weeks was left for the big day. I wanted the best smile for my big day and make each moment memorable. I was not satisfied with the colour of my teeth and its shape. I consulted Dr Lavanya and was suggested to undergo wedding makeover. I got the makeover done here. I was much happier seeing the results on my face. I thank Dr Lavanya for making my big day really big day and of course most memorable moment of my life.”